Retail Space Insurance Claims

Retail Damage

If you own a commercial or retail operation that has sustained damage or other type of loss, the long-term impact to your future business can be substantial. Depending on the type of loss involved, you may need to replace inventory, furniture, fixtures, tools, and other items in your inventory. Replacing those items as quickly as possible is vital to ensuring that your business is able to begin serving your customers and clients as quickly as possible. Our firm has the necessary experience to assist you in applying for coverage for damages sustained to your commercial or retail operation.

Commercial and retail operations can face significant damage and potential loss due to fire, water, and even natural disasters. In addition to the potential damage sustained to the components of the property itself, your commercial or retail enterprise could also experience diminished income. However, most commercial policies provide coverage for lost income due to the suspension of your business. The name of this endorsement is called “Business Income” and you should look to see if you have this type of coverage built into your policy. If properly utilized, it will help you receive the net profit you would have received had your retail operations not suffered a loss. Availing yourself of this benefit can mean the difference between the ongoing success or failure of your business. Our team specializes in handling all of the many aspects related to commercial and retail losses, and we’d be happy to read and analyze your policy to determine which coverages you have and how they apply to your loss. We understand that no two claims are the same and will work with you to ensure that your claim addresses all relevant damage and losses.

“Extra Expenses” is another coverage that is critical to the long-term profitability of a business impacted by a covered peril. We often expect to see this coverage as a part of any policy that provides comprehensive coverage for a business. This is a particularly helpful benefit as it provides money to set up your operations temporarily at another location. This can help any business in meeting contract timetables and retaining customers that otherwise might find what they need from a competitor. During this difficult time, many critical decisions must be made. Our professional adjusters will be with you every step off the way to ensure you receive maximized recovery in the most timely manner possible.

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