Commercial Roofing Insurance Claims

Commerical Roof Damage

The sheer number of storms that have made their way through the Southeast in the last ten years has created an untold amount of claims costing insurance carriers billions of dollars. The result has been, in our opinion, a determined and effective effort to minimize their financial obligations on large commercial roof claims. This point has proven itself by the irrational estimates and positions being taken on losses that, years ago, would have regularly ended in sufficient monies for a total roof replacement.

To offset this change in attitude many roofing contractors either got their Public Adjusters license or engaged a PA to assist them with their problem claims. Rarely did this approach end successfully. Some contractors found the negotiations to be even more contentious. Others found that handling a claim through the public adjusting route provided no additional leverage and, as a result, very little additional money. In other words, they were back where they started. There is a better way.

Every commercial insurance policy has an ADR provision built into it. ADR means Alternative Dispute Resolution (think arbitration or mediation), and it provides a very effective way, short of litigation, to settle a disagreement on the value of a loss. In the world of property insurance claims, that ADR process is called “Appraisal.” It is the single most effective way to gain leverage and advance a problem claim. We’ve done almost 2,000 of them in the last thirty plus years.

The Howarth Group is making a name for itself with roofing contractors across the Southeast as a company who not only understands commercial roofing systems but how to bring “problem claims” to a successful conclusion. Whether it’s a single-ply, BUR, a mod bit, or a metal roof, if the contractor and property owner identify damage that the insurance company is unwilling to acknowledge (ex: “it’s only cosmetic”) and, as a result, the negotiations have reached an impasse, then we’d like to hear about it to see if the claim is ripe for our time-tested approach.

We don’t take on every claim. Some are too small, and some we will conclude that the adjuster was correct in his assessment of the scope of the loss and, consequently, wrote a fair and reasonable estimate. In any case, our team of specialists stands ready to give you and your clients a “no-cost, no-obligation” second opinion. We will review estimates, read policies, evaluate engineers’ reports and even walk roofs before rendering an opinion. It’s necessary that we take the time to do our due diligence before obligating ourselves unnecessarily. If we conclude that the property owner is being mistreated, then, and only then, we will offer our services.

Our goal is to provide the fullest and fairest settlement allowed by the policy provisions in accordance with accepted industry standards and practices. Call us today with your claim questions.

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