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Comercial Damage

Types of disasters that can devastate your commercial activity and property include fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail storms and catastrophic damage such as burst pipes or collapsed roofs. Our commercial public adjusting services are designed to free you from the burdensome insurance claims process following such events. This enables you to focus your own expertise on guiding your business or institution to a full recovery.

Why Use Our Services

One of the keys to that successful recovery is getting a commercial insurance settlement that fully reflects the present and future costs associated with your disaster event. Determining this amount is unique for every situation and involves an extensive assessment of property, equipment, inventory, business records and numerous other elements of your claim. The services we provide as commercial public adjusters are uniquely focused on getting you successfully compensated in the shortest time possible.

You Need an Expert Team Working for You

Smaller businesses and institutions need experienced advocates working to level the playing field against big insurers in order to maximize a legitimate claim. Larger corporations may have more familiarity with their insurance coverages and may even employ brokers and risk assessors to develop highly individualized policies and to regularly evaluate risk and changing insurance needs. These professionals have important roles, but they are not experts in the complexities of the claims process. They are not public adjusters with specific experience in documenting conventional and nonconventional losses and other matters involved in going head to head with commercial insurers.

Insurance companies typically assign their most seasoned adjusters to the commercial caseload to look out for their interests in these comparatively costly claims. We therefore recommend that you engage services, such as ours, as soon as a substantial loss occurs so that your interests are likewise strongly represented. As public adjusters, our sole responsibility is to your best interests in achieving the settlement you need to fully recover from disaster.

A Complete Range of Commercial Public Adjusting Claims Services
For every type of property or business interruption claim, we perform extensive and context-specific actions related to achieving a successful settlement. For industrial and manufacturing businesses, this might involve documenting damage to equipment, inventory, facilities and unfinished goods as well as the value of lost sales and continuing costs of doing business.

For institutions such as hospitals, libraries, schools or government facilities, we address the unique challenges of valuing property, inventory, ongoing damage to the institution’s purpose and other tricky matters best handled by experienced public adjusters. It’s hard to understate the complexities involved in any kind of insurance claim related to a commercial loss. We are ready to address them all with thoroughness and expertise to achieve the best settlement possible. We present airtight claim documentation, negotiate aggressively on your behalf, and keep you fully informed at all points in the process leading to a successful settlement.

We are happy to discuss your specific situation in greater depth; we invite you to contact us to learn more about our extensive commercial public adjusting services and how they may be right for you.

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