Inventorying of Contents

As if losing your home to a disaster out of your control wasn’t bad enough, trudging through the process of cataloging all the items that were lost or destroyed can be a difficult experience that makes matters even worse.

Inventory Contents


What does the inventorying process entail?

This process not only involves describing each item that was lost but also listing the quantity, age, and replacement cost value. Many carriers also require that you write down where you acquired an item and what you paid for it when you bought it.

This is a daunting, time-consuming task even for those in the best of circumstances; for those who’ve just suffered a traumatic loss, the process of inventorying lost belongings can be an insurmountable burden. Alas, it is a job that must be done if you wish to receive payment for each and every one of your lost belongings. In all likelihood, this is a task that your adjuster won’t volunteer to be a part of.


Why don’t the carrier’s adjusters help with taking inventory?

The insurance company’s adjusters may help you find housing, provide you a cash advance, or even put together an estimate for you on what it will cost to repair your home, so a reasonable person could ask, “Why won’t they help me with inventorying my personal property?” The simple answer is: it saves them money.

Putting together a detailed comprehensive list of each and every item lost in a fire or destroyed in a tornado requires an extensive amount of time(and this at one of the worst times of your lives). On average, this process takes our expert inventory specialists around sixty to eighty (100-120) hours per claim. For the average homeowner, this task could easily take twice as long or longer.


What’s in it for the insurance company if they don’t help with my inventory?

If your insurance company doesn’t have to assign someone to help you with this process, they will save a ton of money on the cost of processing your claim.

To justify their lack of involvement in the process, they often make the argument that, because no one knows the contents of each room in your house as well as you do, you should be the one to complete the inventorying process. Behind this argument is the knowledge that most people don’t have the time, physical energy, or emotional fortitude to put together an extremely thorough, organized and detailed list of damaged goods. They know that people under this kind of duress will often list the big items and “throw in the towel” on the rest. The sad fact is that families just want to get their claim behind them and return to the life they had before disaster struck. In so doing, the victims of the loss leave tens of thousands of dollars in the insurance company’s bank account rather than in their own where it belongs. Enter: The Howarth Group!


Our Inventory Specialists care.

The inventory specialists associated with our company are some of the brightest and kindest people you will ever meet, driven to help people during the most difficult times. In addition to bringing empathy and compassion to your situation, our specialists also possess the organizational skills and the attention to detail necessary to produce a comprehensive and well-documented contents claim.

Our clients frequently tell us that we were able to help them receive 50-100% more than they would have gotten had they tried to complete the inventorying process themselves. We would love to help you learn more about the ways we challenge the status quo to provide you with the most thorough service. Give us a call at 800-647-2236 or drop us an email at to get in touch!