Tornado Insurance Claims: 15 Steps To A Better Outcome

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Tornado Destruction: 15 Essential Steps To Getting The Best Outcome From Your Insurance Claim Tornado Insurance Claims In this article, we cover the essentials for maximizing your peace of mind, as well as your claim settlement.NOTE: When referring to "the adjuster" below, we are speaking of the insurance company's adjuster, not [...]

Nashville Tornado Update – Part 1

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Early Stage of Filing Insurance Claim” What Should You Do (and What you Should NOT Do) March 3, 2020 will be remembered for a long time to those living in middle Tennessee for the devastating tornado that swept through the area. There will be a lot of people who will be filing claims. It is [...]

When To Hire A Public Adjuster – The Answer Might Surprise You

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The Howarth Group's V.P. Denis Rowe Explains Why Hiring A Public Adjuster Early On Could Hurt You. Hi. My name is Denis Rowe. I am Vice President and a partner with The Howarth Group here in downtown Franklin, TN. We have been helping property owners for almost 35 [...]

Hurricane Michael – Public Adjusters Offer No-Cost Claim Evaluation To Business Owners

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In the wake of hurricane Michael, many business owners are finding themselves with damaged and near destroyed businesses. The weight of maintaining operations and retaining customers is heavy enough without the addition of handling an insurance claim. Also, many business owners admittedly lack the time and knowledge to properly handle the process of their claims. [...]

Is Your Home Based Business Covered?

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Four Questions About Insuring A Home-Based Business   According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, “more than half of all U.S. businesses are based out of an owner’s home.” There are many benefits of home-based business including reduced overhead costs, schedule flexibility and eliminating a commute. Entrepreneurs in nearly every industry are taking advantage of the [...]

Water Damage – An Underestimated Threat

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Water Damage – An Underestimated Threat   It Can Happen to Anyone Due to the heavy rainfall in the Southeastern US recently, we felt it wise to inform our friends and neighbors about water damage. Bear in mind, water damage is not always the result of heavy rain, flooding, or hurricanes. Significant water damages often [...]

When Your Insurance Company Offers an Insufficient Settlement

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When Your Insurance Company Offers an Insufficient Settlement Today’s consumers take every precaution available when it comes to their investments. Whether it’s their health, home, automobile, recreational vehicles, or even their pet’s health, consumers are purchasing insurance and in that, what they believe to be “Peace of Mind.” However, there are instances where a [...]

What Happens Next? Why The Delays? Part II

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What's Next? Why The Delays? If the staff adjuster who shows up at the site is not qualified or otherwise unavailable to write an estimate, he/she will set up a time for an estimator to come out and take all of the necessary measurements and photos. It won’t be necessary for you to be at [...]

Tennessee Public Adjusters and the Law

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In life, there are two sides to everything; political opinions, lawsuits, or even simple disagreements as to who is the better basketball player – Michael Jordan or Lebron James. Property insurance claims are no different: on one side, there’s the insurance company, who writes a check to pay for damage to property covered by one [...]

5 Common Mistakes made by Policyholders after a Loss

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5 Common Mistakes made by Policyholders after a Loss After a fire or tornado has damaged your home there seems like an endless list of things that need your time and attention. The sheer number of items that need to be addressed (along with the unfamiliarity of a large insurance claim) often lead the insured [...]

The Psychology of a Claim (Part I)

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The Psychology of a Claim (Part I) After a major loss, most people experience many of the same emotions they would expect were it a death in the family instead. They feel a sense of disbelief, denial, fear, anger, resignation, and depression. In all their emotions, they never count on one thing that frequently happens; [...]

What Happens Next? Why the Delays? Part I

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What Happens Next? Why the Delays? Part I Scripture admonishes us in the book of Matthew “to not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (NIV). But try as we might to not concern ourselves with tomorrow (or next week, or next month etc…) we [...]

Questions for Initial Phone Call with Adjuster

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Questions for Initial Phone Call with Adjuster Have you lost your home to a fire? Or, a tornado? Both are tragic events that can leave any homeowner reeling and wondering what to do. After calling in your loss to the claims department of your insurance company you can normally expect to hear from the adjuster [...]

Alabama Public Adjusters

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Alabama Public Adjusters With forty-four states providing for the licensing and regulation of public adjusters why has “The Cotton State” not allowed people in our profession to work as an Alabama Public Adjuster… and doesn’t this increase the potential for a bad insurance settlement for the citizens of Alabama? It’s a good question and a [...]

5 Things to do IMMEDIATELY After a Loss

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5 Things to do IMMEDIATELY After a Loss Okay, what you thought would never happen, happened. A fire or tornado has damaged a substantial portion of your home or business and now you have an insurance claim on your hands. You didn’t ask for this but it’s the hand you’ve been dealt. So now what [...]

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