Why We’re Different


In some public adjusting circles, it’s almost heresy to suggest that there are some insurance company adjusters who really do make a “good faith” effort to fairly respond to a policyholder’s claims, but there are.

Historically, when we have had the opportunity to read a policy, review an estimate and walk a damaged home (or building, or commercial roof) about one-third of the time we see a thorough and accurate assessment of the loss.  In these instances, our second opinion provides the peace of mind a family needs to move forward so that they can hire a general contractor and begin rebuilding their lives and property.  Of course, if we find an accurate offer only one third of the time than that means the structural estimate is less than what it should be about two-thirds of the time, and some of these times it is really bad.

So, as public adjusters, what do we recommend that is so much different than other public adjusting firms?

  1. Don’t hire anyone until you know you need help. Your insurance carrier is going to put together their own structural estimate, so why not wait until they have done so.
  2. It doesn’t make sense to pay anyone, including us, a portion of what you are going to get on your own without outside assistance.
  3. So before hiring a general contractor or agreeing to the adjuster’s estimate get a free second opinion from us on the thoroughness of the insurance company’s estimate. Learn the facts before you close the deal.
  4. If it’s determined that your estimate is significantly less than it should be then, and only then, would you need to hire a public adjuster like us.