Commercial Case Studies

Commercial Case Studies

In the commercial case studies below, you’ll find a few of literally thousands of Businesses that we have served and helped through their claims. These sample losses include several types: hurricane damage, fire damage, flood damage, tornado damage, etc. They range in dollar value from tens of thousands to many millions. The popular case studies below do not provide specific dollar settlement details for obvious privacy considerations but do provide the % increase that our involvement made to their final settlements and other details. You will probably find some of the outcomes hard to believe but I assure you that they are accurate and these are real people, actual businesses who have survived and recovered from the problems of a real major loss. You will too – hang in there.

Forrest County, Mississippi

Gulf Shores Surf & Raquet Club

Hirst Enterprises

Phoenix IV Condominium Association

Plastic Products, Inc.

Santa Rosa Towers

Scottsboro Church of God

SeaSpray Condominium

Shipwatch Condominium

Solana Shores

Spinnaker Condominium

Villager Inn