When Your Insurance Company Offers an Insufficient Settlement

Today’s consumers take every precaution available when it comes to their investments. Whether it’s their health, home, automobile, recreational vehicles, or even their pet’s health, consumers are purchasing insurance and in that, what they believe to be “Peace of Mind.” However, there are instances where a major loss takes place, and the insurance company in question offers a settlement to the policyholder that is woefully insufficient.Insurance Settlement

Although many of these consumers feel knowledgeable in the insurance policies they hold and the companies that supply them, they aren’t necessarily educated in the process of a significant loss claim. When the policyholder receives the estimate provided by the insurance company to repair or replace their damaged or destroyed property, they may feel that due to the extensive wording, line items, and content of the estimate that they are being justly compensated. Often settling for low-ball offers, many policyholders simply don’t know what they are entitled to or how much repairs cost. How can the policyholder be sure they are receiving the compensation they deserve? This is exactly what we, as private adjusters, do.

For most of us, if we are fortunate enough to know someone in the insurance industry personally, we would call our friend and ask, “Does this estimate seem fair to you?” or “What is your opinion on this?”. No matter the type of issue we are facing, we all prefer to speak with someone with education, experience, and integrity. We prefer this because they know what they are talking about, and we are confident they will be honest with us, having our best interests at heart.

If you don’t personally know anyone in the insurance industry, let us change that today. We are The Howarth Group. With decades of experience, extensive credentials in insurance education, and the integrity you would expect from a close friend, we are happy to be the people that you personally know in the insurance industry. We are public adjusters who work for property owners, not insurance companies. We offer no-cost, no-obligation professional examinations of insurance estimates, and we can determine whether the assessment you received is accurate or if it is insufficient. If it’s determined that you have received a deficient assessment, one of our expert public adjusters will be able to advise you on what options are available to obtain the compensation you deserve.

It’s great to know a mechanic when your car starts making a strange noise. It’s great to know a veterinarian when your furry best friend isn’t feeling playful. It’s also great to know an independent adjuster when you’re unsure if you’re being treated fairly by your insurance company.

Your insurance company has people in their corner, call us today and put our professionals in yours.