Mistake #5: 5 Common Mistakes made by Policyholder after a Loss


If you missed it, look back at mistake #4.

Mistake #5. It’s understandable that, initially, a property owner is going to be “back on their heels” and a little disorganized after a major loss. A major fire or tornado is not something you really plan for. However, a disorganized policyholder will always get less than they are due because it breeds confusion. A homeowner who has suffered significant damage to their home would be wise to get a 5 or 7 pocket file folder to keep and organize all paper and documents that are related to their claim. You can get these at any Office Depot, OfficeMax or Staples for $5-$7. Being organized helps to put you back in control of your claim and your life. On the other hand, disorganization puts you at distinct disadvantage to the experienced and well-organized adjuster and will cost you a lot of money in the final settlement if you don’t have a method for keeping track of everything.