Mistake #4: 5 Common Mistakes made by Policyholders after a Loss


If you missed it, look back at mistake #3.

Mistake #4. One of the biggest errors I see policyholders make is that they never document the conversations they have with the adjuster. There is nothing wrong with meeting with the adjuster or talking to him/her on the phone but those conversations ought to always be followed up with an email that briefly summarizes your understanding of the conversation. Any follow-up email you send ought to ask them to please respond immediately if your understanding is inaccurate. Attorneys call this a “paper trail”. The adjuster keeps a log of all activity (phone calls, visits, etc…) related to your claim. If it’s important for them to properly document your loss from their side of the claim it ought to be doubly important for you, the novice, on your side of the claim. Documenting your communication with the insurance company’s representative will also send a subtle message to them that you are paying attention to the details. Continue to mistake #5.