Mistake #3: 5 Common Mistakes made by Policyholders after a Loss


If you missed it, look back at mistake #2.

Mistake #3. The formidable task of listing all of the personal property lost in a fire or tornado takes a lot of time and focus to do it right. My observation over the years as a Tennessee and Kentucky Public Adjuster is that people get worn down (emotionally and physically) during the process of inventorying; and because of that they end up listing just the big stuff and then they “throw in the towel” on the rest. That’s a very costly mistake. If you can’t do a comprehensive and detailed list of EVERYTHING lost in the fire (including bobby pins, spatulas, shower curtain rings, etc…) then get some professional help, otherwise you will leave tens of thousands of dollars of your money in the insurance company’s pockets. Continue to mistake #4.