5 Common Mistakes made by Policyholders after a Loss


After a fire or tornado has damaged your home there seems like an endless list of things that need your time and attention. The sheer number of items that need to be addressed (along with the unfamiliarity of a large insurance claim) often lead the insured to making some avoidable errors.

As a very experienced Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee Public Adjuster I would like to share some of the things that in my opinion are the most common mistakes people make in handling their insurance claim. Over the next series of blogs I will reveal the five most common mistakes made by policyholders after a loss so you can make sure not to repeat them yourself.

Did you suffer a loss? Before reading, check out this post about the 5 things you should do IMMEDIATELY after your loss. Once you’ve been through that, read this and make sure to avoid these common mistakes.

MISTAKE #1. Many policyholders believe that the adjuster assigned to their claim can fairly and equally represent their interests and also that of the adjuster’s employer, the insurance company. That is a near impossibility. Our own judicial system recognizes that one attorney cannot fairly represent both sides in a legal matter. To do so is a violation of the Rules of Professional Responsibility and they could expect to lose their license. It’s called a “conflict of interest”. The same can be said of the adjuster assigned to your claim. That adjuster works for your insurance company, not for you. Remember that, and consider finding someone who has a lot of experience in handling claims for just the policyholder. This will level the playing field. Continue to mistake #2.