Residential Insurance Claims


The best insurance adjusters do a good job of balancing the demands of their employers and the rights of the policyholders when developing a damage estimate. If your adjuster assesses your loss fairly then you won’t need our help. That’s the best thing that could happen with your claim. In our experience this occurs about a third of the time.
How will you know if you’ve received a fair assessment? The answer to this involves not only the repair estimate but also your policy coverages. While this is probably your first loss, it’s not ours. We will give you a “second opinion” at no charge. By “second opinion” we mean we will read through your policy as well as walk through the loss site with your estimate, at no cost to you. Why would we do this? It’s the only way to honestly determine if you will need any outside help for your claim. We don’t believe that you should hire anyone if you don’t need them.

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