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Nashville Tornado Damage - The Basement East
If you live in Nashville, you probably realize that filing an insurance claim after suffering an unexpected catastrophe can be a frustrating process. Many Nashvillians avoid the aggravation associated with insurance company negotiations by seeking help from qualified public adjusters like The Howarth Group who has been helping policyholders with insurance claims for over thirty years.

Nashville public adjusters are professionals who are skilled and experienced in applying homeowner policy coverages, the scope of damage assessment, and repair cost estimates. On behalf of the homeowner, they negotiate directly with the insurance company until the claim is settled.

When to Call a Public Adjuster in Nashville

People often hire a public adjuster not only because the prospect of dealing with their insurance company is daunting and unpleasant but because they know it’s an uneven playing field as long as only one side has all of the experts. Certainly, if your claim is more than $50,000, it makes sense to contact a public adjuster.

Insurance claims adjusters are often trained to remain noncommittal, and it may be difficult to get direct answers to your questions. If cooperation from the insurance company is minimal, or if you suspect the value of your claim has been underestimated, a public adjuster can review your insurance claim documents and provide valuable guidance. Additionally, if you are a homeowner, you may want to consider getting some professional assistance with listing the contents that have been destroyed in your loss. Many Tennessee public adjusters have inventory specialists associated with them that can help in such matters. (See “Inventorying of Contents”)

How a Public Adjuster can Help

Since there are some insurance companies that make an effort to provide reasonable offers, a public adjuster can give you a valuable “second opinion.”

Get the Compensation You Deserve

Every day, homeowners in Tennessee are affected by unexpected disasters, including fires, tornadoes, hailstorms, floods, wind storms, and hurricanes. Unless you’re an engineer or architect by trade, it may be impossible to detect hidden structural damage or properly assess the true cost of the repairs. Trying to understand the estimating software the insurance adjuster uses can be like trying to understand Greek. Not so with us. A public adjuster like The Howarth Group is trained and experienced in every phase of the residential and commercial claims process. You can rest easy knowing that your claim will be negotiated aggressively so you receive fair compensation that will fully cover your losses.

If you are a Nashville Resident and have suffered damage to your property don’t delay, call The Howarth Group today. We will immediately turn our efforts toward ensuring that you receive every cent of the insurance compensation you deserve.

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