Georgia Public Adjusters

If you’re a property owner in Georgia, chances are you, or someone you know has suffered some sort of structural damage to their residential or commercial property from a fire, tornado or other peril. When forces beyond your control wreak havoc on your property, you naturally expect restitution and fair compensation from your insurer. After all, it’s why you’ve been paying those premiums.

Unfortunately, things are not always that simple. The truth is that some insurance companies routinely hold their own interests in higher regard than yours. The insurance adjusters will do what they must to lessen the impact of your claim on the insurer’s bottom line. While they are not likely to deny your claim outright, they may offer you only a portion of what you truly deserve. A Georgia public adjuster can help you combat this common practice. That’s where The Howarth Group comes in.

What Will The Howarth Group Do For You?

The professionally trained and licensed public adjusters at The Howarth Group know property insurance inside and out, and we use that knowledge to fight for the rights of Georgia property owners. Because we have no affiliation with your insurance company, we do whatever it takes to ensure that you receive every penny to which you are entitled.

Per our standard operating procedure, we will:

  • Evaluate your property’s damage.
  • Read your policy to understand all of your benefits.
  • Review the carrier’s structural estimate and negotiate a fair settlement.
  • Help with the listing of all “totaled” contents. (see, “Inventorying of Contents”).
  • File all necessary documents that support the structural and contents portion of your claim.
  • Handle all communication.

We will also negotiate directly with your insurance company’s adjusters. Our aim is to obtain your greatest possible recovery.

Our Areas of Expertise

The professional public adjusters at The Howarth Group bring their knowledge and experience to a wide array of catastrophic situations. Your highly credentialed experts from The Howarth Group routinely help Georgia residents whose private, public, or commercial properties suffer damage from:

  • Tornados, hailstorms, and hurricanes.
  • Smoke and fire.
  • Burst pipes and floods.
  • Roof and building collapse.
  • Other unspecified causes.

In all cases, we will use more than three decades of public adjuster experience to our distinct advantage in all negotiations with your insurer.

Put The Howarth Group to Work for You

From a financial perspective, the decision to let The Howarth Group serve as your public adjuster is a sound one. When you work with The Howarth Group, you will always keep 100% of your insurance company’s initial structural settlement offer. Our compensation will consist of only a small fraction of any additional amount that we are able to get you. If we cannot increase the size of your settlement, you will owe us nothing.

If you have suffered damage to your Georgia property don’t delay, call The Howarth Group today. We will immediately turn our efforts toward ensuring that you receive every cent of the insurance compensation you deserve.
We service Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Dalton, Macon, Savannah, Athens, Valdosta and surrounding areas.