Alabama Public Adjusters

Has a natural disaster caused damage to your office building or home? What about a catastrophic fire to your property? Are you now concerned that your insurance company may not give you a fair settlement? If you are located in Alabama, whether it’s Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa or the surrounding areas, we want to help you receive as much money for your claim as you are legitimately due.

As you know Alabama is no stranger to natural disasters, from tornadoes (think, April 27th, 2011) and hurricanes (think, Hurricane Ivan in 2004) to flood damage and hail storms. If your property has suffered damage from such a disaster (or even a fire), you may have contacted your insurance company for the purpose of filing a claim. You were paying your premiums on time, so there shouldn’t be any difficulty obtaining your money and having your property repaired, right?

However, the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim has a problem you may not know about; they have a “conflict of interest”. The “conflict” is between being loyal to their employer while simultaneously providing a complete and fair settlement offer that fully indemnifies you the loyal policyholder. The questions become as to what is “fair” and to who decides what is “fair”? This is where The Howarth Group and our team of experts can help.

Our Services

We offer our services to property owners across Alabama. If you believe that your insurance company’s adjusters are not treating you fairly, we will provide you with a “second opinion” at no cost to you.

Our opinion would be derived from physically inspecting the damage and then reviewing all of your insurance documents; such as estimates, declarations pages, policies, endorsements and engineers reports. Doing our own due diligence ensures that we give you a fair and honest evaluation of your claim.

About a third of the time our review reaches the conclusion that there is nothing we can do to advance a claim because the carrier has offered a settlement that fairly reflects the policy and the scope of damages. (We are going to call it like we see it.) The other two-thirds of the time it’s apparent that the policyholder is being offered substantially less than what they deserve and, if that were to be the case with your claim, we would recommend the remedy for resolving such disparities. At that time you can decide whether to hire us to cure the problem. In the event that you do, we will inform your insurance company of our role in determining an accurate valuation of your loss.

The Process

While public adjusting is authorized and licensed in about 45 states, Alabama, at this time, doesn’t license public adjusters. So what can a company like The Howarth Group to do to help you legitimately maximize your claim if they can’t act as a licensed Alabama public adjuster? That’s a very good question, but there is even a better answer: you can invoke the Appraisal provision of your policy and name us as your Appraiser. There is no prohibition of that process in any state and, a matter of fact, it’s written into your policy by all the insurance companies that do business in Alabama. We have been involved in over a thousand Appraisals (see Appraisals) and quite frankly, have found this method to resolving disputes over the amount of a loss a much more effective tool than serving as a public adjuster because it gives the property owner much-needed leverage.

Contact us at The Howarth Group today to discuss your claim and how the Appraisal process can gain you the leverage you need to advance your claim and be made financially whole.